07 July 2008

Monday Updates Have Moved!

Part of rethinking the blog has led me to decide to post pure family stuff on Eleanor's Place. You can check it out and leave comments about our crazy weekend there!

04 July 2008

The things you don't think you'll miss

Eleanor is stirring now, at 6:45 AM. That's sleeping late for her. I got up close to my usual time, so I had some quiet time alone in the morning. As I made my tea, I was thinking I used to make my tea even earlier, after getting her back to sleep at 5:00 AM or getting up WITH her at 5:30. Some part of me missed that.

Sarah felt the same way yesterday. We visited our friend Jeannie, who just had a baby three weeks ago. Little Ethan fell asleep in Sarah's arms. When we got home, Eleanor needed a nap, so Sarah let her fall asleep in her arms in the rocking chair and held her while she slept. That's something we've been weaning her from for months. There was a time when Eleanor would ONLY nap in our arms. That got old pretty quickly, but Ethan reminded her that it's also nice once in awhile.

You don't think you will miss getting up at 5:00 AM or being chained to the couch while the baby naps, but you do.

03 July 2008

A Maelstorm of Discontent

I am not sure where that title came from -- it bubbled up in my head as I was wrestling with whether or not to write a blog entry. The discontent is really with myself -- my blogging and writing. Today hasn't been a good day for reinforcement, either, as a proposal I submitted was rejected (and I thought it was a shoe-in). I have been thinking hard about writing, my personal and professional life, communication, and blogging lately. I am still trying to sort it all out.

I want to write. I am trying to think of myself as a writer first. I HAVE to write for my job, or else no tenure for Professor Pope. But I don't want to just write academic stuff. So, what then? I am fortunate enough to be in a job that leaves me room for non-academic writing. But I am still a bit lost about what that writing should be like and how I should get it out there. Do I blog it all? Should I have a blog with a tighter focus -- writings on some general topic or another?

I am still pretty confused about all of this, as you can tell. That confusion is the explanation for the absence of blogging for the past 10 days or so.